Coolant Oil

Gars Lubricants - Best Radiator Coolant Manufacturer In India

A coolant is a substance, typically liquid or gas, that is used to reduce or regulate the temperature of a Vehicles. It is Water-soluble coolant oil in water emulsion. Gars Lubricants is one of the leading company providing the best Coolant oil for Automotive. Our Radiator Coolant Oil range provides long-life to your Cars, Trucks & Buses.

Coolant oil is used to protect your vehicle against Freeze-ups and Boil overs. Lubricants the water pump seal and Inhibits Corrosion. Coolants and Lubricants are used in many mechanical gears. Coolants or Antifreeze products are scientifically formulated to keep your vehicles running in extreme Temperatures and Conditions. This oil serves the basic function of transferring heat and adding antifreeze protection. Find the best match radiator coolant of your vehicle at gars lubricants.

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