Coolant Oil

Gars Lubricants - Best Radiator Coolant Manufacturer In India

A coolant is a substance, typically liquid or gas, that is used to reduce or regulate the temperature of a Vehicles. It is Water-soluble coolant oil in water emulsion. Gars Lubricants is one of the leading company providing the best Coolant oil for Automotive. Our Radiator Coolant Oil range provides long-life to your Cars, Trucks & Buses.

Coolant oil is used to protect your vehicle against Freeze-ups and Boil overs. Lubricants the water pump seal and Inhibits Corrosion. Coolants and Lubricants are used in many mechanical gears. Coolants or Antifreeze products are scientifically formulated to keep your vehicles running in extreme Temperatures and Conditions. This oil serves the basic function of transferring heat and adding antifreeze protection. Find the best match radiator coolant of your vehicle at gars lubricants.

Gars radiator coolant is an advanced coolant/antifreeze specially designed with UNI advanced formula, which can provide powerful cooling for passenger car engines, trucks and buses running under tough city driving conditions as well as heavy/light commercial vehicle engines.

Gars radiator coolant prevents engines from overheating and corrosion. This antifreeze can prevent the engine from freezing and boiling and extend engine life. Excellent anti-scaling and anti-foaming performance that extends the service life of engine parts and seals. Gars Radiator Coolant is completely safe for all vehicles that require high-quality Type A green hybrid radiator coolant.

The most likely benefit of Gars radiator coolant is that it reduces the maintenance costs of commercial/heavy vehicles due to engine failure or often difficult operations. Get more detailed information about Gars radiator coolant in the product data sheet.


what is coolant oil


Coolant, often known as anti-freeze, is a bright yellow or green fluid solution that blends with the water given to diesel and petrol engines to keep the engine working at the proper temperature and prevent freezing or overheating.


which coolant is best for car


The standard coolant (Ethylene Glycol base) is the most often used coolant. Red coolant is often made with Organic Acid Technology and is intended to be more suited for aluminium radiators.