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Diesel engine oil is a popular motor oil that is used primarily for the lubrication and maintenance of diesel engines. This oil is specifically designed for diesel engines and differs from other oils used for gasoline engine lubrication. Diesel engines are found mainly in commercial vehicles, industrial equipment and European cars. This oil is also used in many consumer trucks.

The petrol engine oil is next in line with the most commonly used oil. It is used to increase power transfer in vehicles under different slipping conditions and for quick clutch engagement. This oil is best for use because of its fluidity, low viscosity, and oxidation stability.

2 stroke engine oil, also known as 2-cycle or 2T oil, is a special type of oil used in two-stroke crankcase compression engines. It is a premium quality motor oil that is free from ash and can be mixed easily with petrol.

The 4-stroke engine oil can be used extensively in 4 stroke engines, where gasoline is fully separated from the oil. Normal conditions mean that the 4-stroke engine oil does not consume any oil. Splash lubrication helps spread the oil throughout the engine.

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