engine oil manufacturer in nagpur, Maharashtra

Gars Lubricants exists to help every driver, motorcyclist, and industry. This is done through Liquid Engineering. This means that we can create high-performance oils, lubricants and fluids for any application you can think of.

We know you depend on your world to work smoothly. So we oil every part of your car, motorcycle, elevator, at-work elevator, and even your refrigerator.

We're here to help you in all of the world's quarries and mines, as well as on cruise ships and airliners and wind farms, and in wheat fields. We can help you with whatever you need.

Gars Lubricants is one the most rapidly growing businesses in the country. We have interests in lubricants and petroleum derivatives, as well as food products catering to multiple disciplines. Our company is a leader in key industries that are driving economic and financial viability growth. We have an exceptional workforce. These sectors need change and the group is eager to make them better.

Gars Lubricants is a leading manufacturer of Genuine Oils and Specialty Oils. They have a strong presence in India and abroad in the Lubricating Oil Market. Their innovation drives customer satisfaction and stakeholder value. NPL began its operations in contract blending and filing for public sector enterprises. Technical collaboration agreement with Meguin GmbH, Germany. Also, the oldest and largest contract manufacturer in India's NAGPUR. NPL has the latest technology and is marketing all products under the brand "Gars".

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