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Gars Lubricants - Best Fork Oil Manufacturer In India

Fork oil is a specific kind of product. Fork oil is specially formulated for application in hydraulic front forks in motorcycles.

Gars Lubricants are manufactures of front Fork Oils which have very good chemical stability, excellent seal compatibility, and very low pour point. It provides excellent damping & offers excellent load-carrying capacity even in rough terrain. It can also be used in bicycle shockers.

The shocks on your dirt bike, race car, or other vehicles absorb abnormalities. We have a number-one task is to deliver Consistency. Look for a high-VI fork oil that indicates a better resistance to viscosity changes throughout broad temperature swings. Motor oil and Fork oil, the way they measure the "weight" is completely different, and fork oil has additives to keep it from "foaming", plus other additives directly needed in the fork environment. The front fork works in front-wheel during the difficult braking, it slows down collisions when we are driving on a hard road. Find here the Best Fork oil for your bike the specialist of manufacturing the different types of oils in Gujarat, India.

Not always you got a smooth road to drive!! Your bike's suspensions balance your vehicle on the road with potholes or dancing pattern. It causes heavy wear and tears that impact the dampness of forks. Dry bike suspension leads to noisy biking experience and loses the shock absorbance performance even in the early stages.

Gars Fork Oil 20W is specially designed with advanced mineral based suspension fluid to provide excellent shock absorbance and damping performance on the tough roads. Gars Suspension Fluid 20W provides excellent damping performance under maximum and minimum temperatures. Gars Fork Oil 20W protects suspension components including all the internal parts from wear. The most beneficial point of the Gars Fork Oil 20W, It is 100% compatible with all the latest suspension designs and seals.


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Instead, opt for a high viscosity index (VI) fork oil. A higher VI indicates greater resilience to viscosity changes across a wide temperature range. This results in consistent shock performance and feel regardless of ambient or operating circumstances.


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