Product Details

GARS 20w-50 is a full mineral base super high-performance engine oil that meets the API SG / CF4 it combines the latest developments in all formation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection, whilst promoting fuel efficiency and lowering emissions in modern low friction engines.

GARS 20W-50 meets the API specifications in that it has improved sludge handling performance to further increase it's the long drain capabilities.

This leads to the consistent performance of engine even under different operating conditions. The engine oil for sheer driving pleasure. Developed for and tested exclusively in Bike.

  • Stable stays in grade oil suitable for extended drain intervals
  • Premium full mineral low meets SAE's engine oil
  • Super high perfomance
  • Increase engine life
  • The Special formula stay in grade longer
  • Quick clutch engagement
  • Excellent power transfer under slipping conditions


  • Exceeds the requirements of JASO MA2 standard & valve train wear and high-temperature performance characteristic meets of API SG/CF4
Pack Type : Bottle
Pack Size : 1LTR,3LTR,5LTR

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