Hydraulic Oil

Gars Lubricants - Best Hydraulic Oil Manufacturer In India.

The ownership and operating costs of heavy vehicles are high. However, the daily cost of lubricants only accounts for 1-2% of the total cost, which is why these costs are sometimes ignored when considering the total cost of ownership.

Many operators view lubricants as a simple commodity in which they can save costs.

In fact, our hydraulic ISO VG 68 heavy-duty oil products provide additional performance reserves, which can resist oil breakdown by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits and neutralizing harmful acids. This means a longer service life and can reduce your operating costs.

No matter what type of heavy vehicle you use, Gars has the expertise, products and services you need to ensure operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

In order to meet the challenges of various industrial equipment and applications, Gars Lubricants has developed a complete range of hydraulic oils, enabling you to choose the product that best meets your industrial needs.

The formula of Gars Quick Hydro 68 can extend the life of the industrial equipment. Quick Hydro 68 (hydraulic oil 68) has excellent rust resistance, water separation ability, high membrane strength and excellent operability under extreme pressure.

Gars Quick Hydro 68 ensures smooth power transmission and protects metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation. Gars Hydraulic Oil 68 is designed keeping in mind all hydraulic systems where multigrade hydraulic oil is recommended.

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