Hydraulic 68

Hydraulic 68

Product Details

GARS hydraulic 68 is an automatic gear oil specially designed by UNI-ADVANCE FORMULA for a front-drive vehicle with manual transmission.

A Versatile product with exceptional, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, rust, and corrosion protection.

GARS Hydraulic 68 provides excellent protection at high operating temperatures.

Packages that impart the following properties. Premium quality heavy duty anti-wear hydraulic oil with ISO VG 68 viscosity.

Excellent wear protection, thereby ensuring longer equipment life.

Outstanding protection against oxidation.

Processes excellent water separation characteristics.

Very good chemical stability leading to longer oil service life.


  • Din 51524 part, Bis 10522-1983 & Bis 3098-1983.


  • Also meets the requirement of the Vickers V-104-C vane pump test.
  • Ensure a long life for hydraulic pumps and valves.
  • Recommended for automotive and industrial hydraulic equipment.
  • Operate under heavy-duty conditions.
  • Also Recommended for the rotary screw. Compressors, Circulation.
  • A System like belonging and gears of general machinery.

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