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POT 1220 is an oil concentrate of an olefinic copolymer and is recommended primarily as a Viscosity Index Improver for crankcase lubricants having various SAE grades particularly where excellent shear stability is desired.

As applies to all viscosity index improvers, there is some loss in viscosity and in viscosity index due to the shear forces encountered in engine operation. In this respect, POT 1220 exhibits outstanding characteristics as evidenced by an average viscosity loss of 7 % @ 100oC for SAE 15W-50 crankcase oils in over the road service.

In laboratory Caterpillar diesel engine Engine tests, POT 1220 would be expected to perform at least comparable to the poly iso butylene type V.I. Improvers and superior to the polymeric ester types in regard to piston cleanliness.

Being an all hydrocarbon material, POT 1220 behaves in the same manner as the base oil component in MS Sequence engine tests. Multigrades viscosity oils containing POT 1220 have tendency for lower Octane Requirements Increase (ORI) than other V.I. Improvers.

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